G-whizz is an Elan 340 sail boat in Sydney, Australia. She club races and cruises regularly in the Sydney area.

Golden Sails in Sydney – G-whizz at twilight with the Sydney CBD in the background. (Photo Julie Evans)

This is about her and the sport and pass time of sailing. It is about life with a sail boat, about racing her in club racing and the occasional regatta, local cruising and day sailing her, about maintaining her, finding and keeping crew, in general being part of a sail boat’s family and being part of the sailing fraternity.

There is a blog (“Ramblings”) that gets updated when the motivation levels are suitable, Tables of most of our race results, information of where and who we cruise with and race against, User/service manuals that we have collected, a summary of some of the tricks, traps and ideas that we have encountered including ideas for crew not to mention the obligatory gallery.

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Elan 340 G-whizz Painting
A painting of G-whizz on the GFS pontoon by Carla.

There is no intention that this is the definitive sailing site, some friends have described it as electronic narcissism (they may in fact be right), the original concept was to see how difficult it would be to compile and maintain a web site and as a resource for our crew and ourselves, it sort of got out of hand prompted by some positive feed back, we hope you enjoy your visit and leave with a little bit more information than when you arrived, even if it only confirms that you may not be the only one that has a passion for sailing and life with a sail boat.

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