An Interesting Season thus far

The first four races in the GFS Spring Twilight series have produced some interesting results, conditions and sights.

Interesting Results
Races 1 and 2 were pretty good results in conditions that suit us, race 3 was bit of a shocker for reasons that I am unable to decipher, but probably related to a less than perfect start and then a few bad tactical decisions on the way (Also leaving the optimum sail for the conditions in the garage at home!). Race 4 started with another poor start but a great run around the course that had us surprising a lot of the fleet by passing them in the lea of Cockatoo island, our 5th on scratch may at first glance be a bit disappointing but 1 second from 4th and 14 seconds from 3rd was a good result, our relative speeds would have made up that 14 seconds if the finish line was maybe 50 meters further along the Lane Cove river. Se la vie!

Interesting Conditions
The spring weather in Sydney normally produces balmy evenings with little wind, race 3 was held in unusually brisk wind reaching at times over 20 knots, while the strong winds, rain and even thunderstorms forecast in race 4 never eventuated and we enjoyed a beautiful evening on the water in conditions that really suit us, we were a little “undercrewed” so I decided on a conservative start, given the results I should have had more confidence in the crew attacked the start line and produced a better result Se la vie 2.0.

Interesting sights
Infotrack MC38Many people are rubbing their eyes, not too sure what they were seeing, on first sight it appears to be bit of a contradiction given the 40 maximum rule foot rule that we have at GFS. The Beck Family fleet has grown with a mini me Infotrack, a MC38 in the familiar Infotrack livery.Infotrack Juan K 100 Custom


Not to be confused with





Thanks to Jeff Lewis (Aurora) for the following photos.

G-whizz at the back of the fleet
Struggling at the back of the Fleet

G-whizz just behind Aurora
Just Behind Aurora

G-whizz in the Humbug Car park
Car Park they call humbug

G-whizz being shadowed by Aurora
Aurora shading us in preparation for a pass. All in about 2 knots of wind