Sail Racing Abbreviations

Sail Racing Abbreviations

There have been a few occasions when we have looked at the results of a yacht race or a regatta and have seen an abbreviation or an acronym that has a had us wondering about its meaning, most of the time these Sail Racing Abbreviations are self explanatory, however on some occasions they can be somewhat obscure.

The table below is an effort to bring them all together. This list may be a little “AussieCentric” as that is where we live and take most interest in race results, also as the best resource we could find was the Top Yacht Scoring system that is popular with sailing clubs in Australia. There are a few acronyms in sailing and  abbreviations in sailing that appear to have the same interpretation, probably due to differing scoring regimes in different jurisdictions, they may have subtly different results.

So what do all these abbreviations  in sailing mean? The list is sortable by clicking on the column title.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions regarding  this list.

AHCAllocated Handicap.
The Handicap allocated before the start of the scored race.
AARBArbitrated protest result.
See also MED.
VAVGAverage points given.
BBFDDisqualification Under Black Flag Start.
B (Tie Breaker)Tie broken by one boat bettering another.
(No I don't understand this either).
BCHBack Handicap
A calculated handicap that would have resulted in all boats having the same corrected time for the scored race.
BOWBow Number.
A number fixed to the bow of a boat normally when there is no sail number, e..g a charter boat, normally RC allocated.
CBCHClamped Back Handicap.
Same as BHC but with preset limits on the amount of adjustment from the AHC. see also LBCHU, LBCHL, LBCHD
CBHClass based Handicap.
CHCCalculated Handicap
The handicap that will be applicable to the next race.
Cor'dTCorrected Time.
Elapsed time after application of handicap.
MDGMDisqualified under rule 69.1. (Gross Misconduct).
See also DNE DSQ.
DidNotReason for a boat receiving a score greater than the number of finishers e.g. DNF, DSQ, etc.
[x}Race has been dropped, discarded, exclude from Series score calculation.
Div No
Description of or the number of the Division the subject boat is competing in.
CDNCDid Not Compete.
See also DNS.
Entered for the race but did not show up to the start area.
DDNEDisqualification (other than DGM). Not Excludable under rule 90.3.
See also DSQ DGM
FDNFDid not finish.
See also RET.
Not too sure of the differences however in motor racing a competitor is scored RET while the race is still in progress and DNF after the event is finished.
SDNSDid not start.
Was at the starting area but did not start.
See also DNC.
S (Tie Breaker)Tie broken by one boat having more of a particular score. E.g firsts.
IDPIDiscretionary penalty.
See also DNE DGM.
WDUTDuty Crew.
Points awarded to a boat that was unable to compete due to their duty crew responsibilities.
ElapsdElapsed time.
Boats time from start to finish.
NENPEvent Specific penalty.
As defined in the Sailing Instructions.
EESPDisqualified but not excluded.
Elapsed Time.
Elapsed Time.
Start time subtracted from Finish time.
Elapsed Time Order.
Elapsed Time Order.
The order of finishing based on elapsed time.
XEXCRace results excluded.
The results of a particular race are exclude for all boats.
Fin TimFinish Time.
Finish time at time of day. as opposed to elapsed time.
ISAFInternational Sailing Federation
(Now known as "World Sailing")
LLate Entrant.
Boat joined series after first race.
Limited Back Handicap Discard.
Limited Back Handicap Lower.
Limited Back Handicap Upper.
Same as CBCH but with preset limits on the amount of Upper or Lower adjustment or when the result will be discarded.
AMEDMediated protest result.
See also ARB.
#No Date.
Data is missing (or questionable) from the results system.
NORNotice of Race
OOCSOn Course Side or On Course at Start.
Over the line at the start.
PHRFPerformance Handicap Racing Fleet.
Based on the previous performances of all boats of a particular class, design or Model.
PHSPerformance Handicap System.
Based on the boat's previous performances.
PProtest pending.
PPProtest Panel
PROPrincipal Race Officer.
RRAFRetired After Finishing.
R (Tie Breaker)Tie broken by one boat having a better score in a later race.
RCRace Committee
GRDGRedress given.
Points awarded to a boat that due to exceptional circumstances achieved a result worse than the points given. E.G. provided assistance to another boat in difficulty.
See also DNF.
Not too sure of the differences however in Motor racing a competitor is scored RET while the race is still in progress and DNF after the event is finished.
RRSRacing Rules of Sailing
Or to those that like to remember before electronic publishing; The Blue Book (In Australia)
YSCPScoring penalty taken
Rule 44.3.
Sailing Instructions.
Sailing Instructions.
TTLETime Limit Exceeded.
Finished outside of the time limit applicable to that race.
See also TLP.
TLPTime Limit Penalty
See also TLE
UFDDisqualified under U flag start.
See also UFP
UUFPDisqualified under U flag start.
See also UFD
ZZFPDisqualification under Z flag start.

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