Sail Abbreviations and Acronyms

The language of sailing and Yachting both verbal and written is riddled with Abbreviations and Acronyms. We found ourselves regularly researching just what these abbreviations or acronyms  meant, that was the motivation to create these lists.

These abbreviations and acronyms appear in racing documentations, rating measurements, boat and equipment literature, publications and even in chit chat  around the yacht club bar.

These are links to lists relating to some of the specific aspects sailing and yachting:

Sail/YachtRacing YachtMeasurements NationalFederations
Acronyms and abbreviations that may appear in racing literature; Sailing Instructions, Notices of Race, Results etc. Abbreviations used to define specific measurements on a sail boat; rig dimensions, sail dimensions etc.
used extensively by handicapping organisations eg. ORC and iRC.
Sailing is administered in most countries by that country’s peak sailing body or its national sailing Federation these are their acronyms.
Sailing Abbreviations - Race Results Sailing Abbreviations - Yacht Measurements Sailing Abbreviations - National Federations

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