Pittwater area

(Cowan Creek, Hawkesbury River, Broken Bay and Brisbane Waters)

This is a very popular boating area in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney. Ann and I have been sailing there for many years originally on bare boat charters then with G-whizz. It is our most popular spot for a few days away on G-whizz.


The Pittwater is almost a generic name for the area covering Pittwater, Broken Bay, Cowan Creek and the Hawkesbury River. It is a reasonable three to five hour sail from the Lane Cove River to one of the many mooring fields, or anchorages in the area. With the exception of weekends and Public holidays there are always empty courtesy moorings or Club moorings, Although picking up a Club mooring is a little fraught as you are never too sure that a bona fide member of the Club will turn up and request his obvious rights. I prefer not to pick up an empty private mooring as I’m often unsure about its serviceability or suitability for the weight and size of G-whizz. I do not want to be responsible for damage to what is effect someone else’s private property.

Brisbane Waters

This is a large expanse of water on which Gosford is located, that is connected to the Pittwater by a long shallow narrow body of water, that can only be safely navigated under motor. There are depths in this bit of water that are very close to G-whizz’s draft of 2.1 meters even at high tides, fortunately these area seem to be mostly sand. It can be advantages to time your arrival at Pelican Island to the Ferry timetable and follow it though the shallowest part of the trip. The other disconcerting part of this trip is getting under the Rip Bridge, where G-whizz has about a 50 cm clearance between the bridge deck and the top of her VHF aerial on the mast, we have been advised not to look up when going under this bridge. It is hard not to, but when you do you wish you hadn’t.

It is worth the trip, especially if only to experience the hospitality of The Gosford Sailing Club.

Pittwater Area Map


G-whizz Elan 340