Scandvik Cup Cover Modification

Transom Shower Cup and Cover Modification

G-whizz Elan 340 Scandvik
What the Scandvik Cup and Cover looks like when new,

The following outlines a Scandvik cup cover modification that is both easy and effective and overcomes what could be described as a flaw in the original design. The Transom shower on G-whizz consists mainly of Scandvik parts, these components seem to be fitted to most Elan yachts that I have seen, I have also seen them on a number of other European built yachts. While they are very compact and practical there is either a design flaw or a substandard material specification, the tongue that connects the cap to the cup goes through a severe bend, it eventually (actually quite quickly) breaks allowing the cover to part company from the boat, given the location of transom shower controls probably parts company never to be seen again.

Scandvik cup cover modification.
The two Scandvik Shower Caps with caps on G-whizz after a simple modification.


A few years ago I found a source of these components at only to have that little joining tongue break again. I decided on a simple modification, that Should have come to mind a long time ago, get rid of that pesky tongue and replace it with a piece of cord – simples!

Update: Although I wrote this some time ago I neglected to update after some experience of this modification in use. The clearance between the cap and the water tap contained in the cup on this Elan 340 is extremely limited, with the tap in central position between hot an cold water the stop knot was clashing with the tap, I solved this by heating and flattening the knot although if I was do this again I would have placed the cord at the each of the cap not centrally as I have done here.

Some more pictures of the process below.

The Scandvik Shower Cup
The Scandvik Shower Cup with a piece of the broken tongue in place
G-whizz Elan 340 Scandvik Shower Cap
Scandvik Deck Cup Cover. Top side showing cord fitted to the cap before tieing the stop knot and removing the suspect tongue.
Scandvik Shower Cap
Scandvik Deck Cup Cover. Top side showing cord on modified cap with tongue removed.
Scandvik Deck Cup Cover 3
Scandvik Deck Cup Cover Underside showing stop knot on modified Scandvik Cap