Hasta La Vista

John and Leslie Veale

Hasta La Vista is a Dehler 32 that John and Leslie have owned since April 2016, not long after we mutually decided to dissolve the joint ownership that we had in G-whizz, more can be read about that in “A History“, on this site.

Hasta La Vista is a very similar in concept and design to G-whizz, a smallish performance cruiser, being of a newer design she has a higher aspect rig, relying on jibs instead of a combination of Jibs and Genoas. She’s a few inches smaller in most dimensions, length, beam, mast height and draft, than G-whizz although she’s some 700 kg lighter. Not surprisingly she also has a similar performance.

While we are in different divisions in the Twilights we compete against each other on Saturdays. Not surprisingly a healthy competitive spirit is developing between us. The crew on G-whizz tell me that they can see the horns grow from my temples when we are behind them, but closing. I’m pretty sure that the same probably happens with John on Hasta La Vista. While we have mostly been able to stay ahead of them it is becoming painfully obvious, to me, that on every outing John and his crew are getting faster as they continue to familiarise themselves with Hasta La Vista.

Truffles is one of the cutest, lovable and friendly little dogs you could ever meet, she shares residence with John and Leslie in their Greenwich home, when John is at the Club or doing any work on Hasta La Vista, there to is Truffles, supervising John’s every move.