Abbreviations and Acronyms – Consolidated List

This list is a consolidations of:
Race Abbreviations and Acronyms
Measurement Abbreviations
National Sailing Federations
If you are unsure of what aspect of sailing the abbreviation or acronym relates, this list may make identification easier.

Consolidated List – Over 500 of them.
CodeWhat does it meanRead more
#No DataRead More
(x) (x.y)DiscardedRead More
[x] [x.y]DiscardedRead More
2HTwo HandedRead More
2ICSecond In ChargeRead More
Mediated or Arbitrated Protest ResultRead More
ABDnRace AbandonedRead More
ABNRace AbandonedRead More
ABPAssociated British PortsRead More
ABSAAntigua and Barbuda Sailing AssociationRead More
AHCAllocated HandicapRead More
AISAutomated Identification SystemRead More
ALESpinnaker LeechRead More
ALUSpinnaker LuffRead More
AMGAsymmetric Mid WidthRead More
AMSAustralian Measurement SystemRead More
APAll PurposeRead More
APAnswering Pennant Code FlagRead More
ARBArbitrated Protest ResultRead More
AS YardstickAustralian Sailing YardstockRead More
ASAustralian SailingRead More
ASAAruba Sailing AssociationRead More
ASBAAustralian Sports Boat AssociationRead More
ASFAsymmetric Foot LengthRead More
ASFArmenian Sailing FederationRead More
AVEAverage Points GivenRead More
AVGAverage Points GivenRead More
AVSAngle of Vanishing StabilityRead More
AYFAustralian Yachting Federation (Prior Now Australian Sailing - YA)Read More
BBetteredRead More
BScoring penaltyRead More
BASMast Datum PointRead More
BCEBack Calculated Elapsed TimeRead More
BCHBack Calculated HandicapRead More
BCRBack Calculated RatingRead More
BCTBase Corrected TimeRead More
BCYSBack Calculated YardstickRead More
BDSBeiDouRead More
BDYABrunei Darussalam Yachting AssociationRead More
BFDScoring penaltyRead More
BFSBolivian Federation of SailingRead More
BIDBoat IdentificationRead More
BOBow OverhangRead More
BOMBureau of MeteorologyRead More
BOWBow NumberRead More
BSABermuda Sailing AssociationRead More
BSFTime on DistanceRead More
BSUBelarus Sailing UnionRead More
BUL SAFBulgarian Sailing FederationRead More
BVIYCRoyal British Virgin Islands Yacht ClubRead More
BWLBeam at WaterlineRead More
BYRABotswana Yacht Racing AssociationRead More
BzSABelize Sailing AssociationRead More
CCasual EntryRead More
CDid Not CompeteRead More
CBCHClamped Back HandicapRead More
CBHClass based HandicapRead More
CBVelaBrazilian Sailng FederationRead More
CHCCalculated HandicapRead More
CISSailing Cook IslandsRead More
CISCCayman Islands Sailing ClubRead More
CLClassRead More
COGCourse Over GroundRead More
COLREGSInternational Regulations for Preventing Collisions at SeaRead More
Cor'd TCorrected TimeRead More
CRClass RulesRead More
CRFClassic Rating FormulaRead More
CSFCambodia Sailing FederationRead More
CSJCzech Sailing AssociationRead More
CTCorrected TimeRead More
CTSAChinese Taipei Sailing AssociationRead More
CVCommittee VesselRead More
CYAChinese Yachting AssociationRead More
CYSAFCyprus Sailing FederationRead More
DDisqualificationRead More
DFLDead (Expletive deleted) LastRead More
DGMDisqualifiedRead More
DHDouble HandedRead More
DidNotDid Not Receive a logical ScoreRead More
Div NoDivisionRead More
DivDivisionRead More
DMTKeel to Freeboard HeightRead More
DNCDid Not CompeteRead More
DNDDisqualification Not DiscardedRead More
DNEDisqualification Not ExcludedRead More
DNFDid Not FinishRead More
DNSDid Not StartRead More
DOGDistance Over GroundRead More
DPDiscretionary PenaltyRead More
DPIDiscretionary PenaltyRead More
D-PNDixie Portsmouth NumberRead More
DQDisqualifiedRead More
DRDerived RatingRead More
DRDevelopment RuleRead More
DSDanish Sailing AssociationRead More
DSCDigital selective callingRead More
DSPWTotal WeightRead More
DSQDisqualifiedRead More
DSVGerman Sailing FederationRead More
DTFDistance To FinishRead More
DTGDistance To GoRead More
DTLDistance to Lead(er).Read More
DUTDuty CrewRead More
DWLDesign WaterlineRead More
EMainsail FootRead More
EEvent Specific PenaltyRead More
ECAEnsign Class AssociationRead More
ECSElectronic Chart SystemRead More
EFMSailing Federation of North MacedoniaRead More
EHCEvent HandicapRead More
EJLEstonian Yachting UnionRead More
ElapsdElapsed timeRead More
ENPEvent Nominated PenaltyRead More
EPIRBEmergency Position Indicating Radio BeaconRead More
ERSEquipment Rules Of SailingRead More
ESFEgyptian Sailing & Water Ski FederationRead More
ESPEvent Specific PenaltyRead More
ESTEstimatedRead More
ETElapsed timeRead More
ETAEstimated Time of ArrivalRead More
ETOElapsed Time OrderRead More
ETordElapsed Time OrderRead More
EUROSAFEuropean Sailing FederationRead More
EWEmpty WeightRead More
EXCRace Results ExcludedRead More
EyMizzen Mainsail FootRead More
FDid Not FinishRead More
FADENAngolan Federation of Nautical SportsRead More
FAMFreeboard Aft MeasurementRead More
FAVAlgerian Sailing FederationRead More
FAVAndorran Sailing FederationRead More
FAYArgentine Yachting FederationRead More
FBIFreeboardRead More
FCCVenezuelan Sailing FederationRead More
FCVColombian Sailing FederationRead More
FDMFreeboard DepthRead More
FDVDominican Sailing FederationRead More
FedevelaChilean Sailing FederationRead More
FEPAVParaguayan Sailing FederationRead More
FESAVELASalvador Sailing FederationRead More
FEVEcuadorian Sailing FederationRead More
FFMFreeboard Forward MeasurementRead More
FFVFrench Sailing FederationRead More
FHBFlying headsail HeadboardRead More
FHFLFlying headsail Foot LengthRead More
FHHWFlying headsail Half WidthRead More
FHLUFlying headsail Luff LengthRead More
FHWFlying headsail Half WidthRead More
Fin TimFinish TimeRead More
FIVItalian Sailing FederationRead More
FLForestay LengthRead More
FleetFleetRead More
FLPFlying headsail Luff PerpendicularRead More
FLUFlying headsail Luff LengthRead More
FLVLuxembourg Sailing FederationRead More
FLYLebanese Yachting FederationRead More
FMVYacht Club de MonacoRead More
FMVMexican Sailing FederationRead More
FMVCMozambican Sailing and Canoeing FederationRead More
FNVNicaraguan Sailing FederationRead More
FOForward OverhangRead More
FPVPortuguese Sailing FederationRead More
FPVPeruvian Sailing FederationRead More
FQWHeadsal Quarter WidthRead More
FRMVRoyal Moroccan Sailing Yachting FederationRead More
FRYRomanian Yachting FederationRead More
FSAFlying headsail AreaRead More
FSFLFlying headsail Foot LengthRead More
FSHWFlying headsail Half WidthRead More
FSMThe Federated States of Micronesia Navigation SocietyRead More
FSVSan Marino Sailing FederationRead More
FSVSenegalese Sailing FederationRead More
FTVTahiti Sailing FederationRead More
FTVTunisian Sailing FederationRead More
FTWFlying headsail Three Quarter WidthRead More
FUWFlying headsail Upper WidthRead More
FYAFiji Yachting AssociationRead More
FYMMoldovan Yachting FederationRead More
GRedress GivenRead More
GLONASSGlobal Navigation Satellite SystemRead More
GMDSSGlobal Maritime Distress and Safety SystemRead More
GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite SystemRead More
GPHGeneral Purpose HandicapRead More
GPSGlobal Positioning SystemRead More
GSAGrenada Sailing AssociationRead More
GSAFGeorgian Sailing FederationRead More
GSCGalileoRead More
GSFGuam Sailing FederationRead More
H1One HullRead More
H2Two HullsRead More
HDid not sail courseRead More
HCHandicapRead More
HCWind HandicapRead More
HCAPHandicapRead More
HFHigh Frequency RadioRead More
HFHFoot HeightRead More
HHBHeadsail HeadboardRead More
HHWHeadsail Half WidthRead More
HJSCroatian Sailing FederationRead More
HKSFSailing Federation of Hong Kong, ChinaRead More
HLPHeadsail Luff PerpendicularRead More
HLUHeadsail Luff LengthRead More
HPSHandicap Points ScoreRead More
HQWHeadsal Quarter WidthRead More
HSAHead Sail AreaRead More
HSFHellenic Sailing FederationRead More
HTWHeadsail Three Quarter WidthRead More
HUWHeadsail Upper WidthRead More
IDiscretionary PenaltyRead More
IHeight of ForetriangleRead More
IDMInner Distance MarkRead More
IJInternational JurorRead More
ILCAInternational Laser Class AssociationRead More
ILMInner Limit MarkRead More
IMAInternational Maxi AssociationRead More
IMOInternational Maritime OrganisationRead More
IMOCAInternational Monohull Open Class AssociationRead More
IMSInternational Measurement SystemRead More
IMSARInternational Aeronautical and Maritime Search and RescueRead More
IORInternational Offshore RuleRead More
IPHInitial Provisional handicapRead More
IRC TPRInternational Racing Conference - TP52 RatingRead More
IRCInternational Racing ConferenceRead More
IRNSSIndian Regional Navigation Satellite SystemRead More
IROInternational Race OfficerRead More
IRPC“Individually Rated Production ClassRead More
IRPCASInternational Regulations for Preventing Collisions at SeaRead More
IRPCSInternational Regulations for Preventing Collisions at SeaRead More
IRYUInternational Yacht Racing UnionRead More
IsHeight of Inner ForetriangleRead More
ISAIrish Sailing AssociationRead More
ISAIsrael Sailing AssociationRead More
ISAFInternational Sailing FederationRead More
ISFIndonesia Sailing FederationRead More
ISFIran Sailing FederationRead More
ISFIraqi Sailing and Water Sports FederationRead More
ISOInternational Organization for StandardizationRead More
ISPElevation of Spinnaker HalyardRead More
ITMAInternational 12 Meter AssociationRead More
JBase of ForetriangleRead More
JAMJib and Main OnlyRead More
JsBase of Inner ForetriangleRead More
JSAFJapan Sailing FederationRead More
JSSSerbian Sailing AssociationRead More
JYAJamaica Yachting AssociationRead More
JZSSlovenian Sailing FederationRead More
KCKeel ChordRead More
KDeel DepthRead More
KNWVRoyal Netherlands Watersport AssociationRead More
KSAFKorea Sailing FederationRead More
KSAFKorea Sailing FederationRead More
KSFKosovo Sailing FederationRead More
KSFSailing Federation of KyrgyzstanRead More
KSSPKuwait Sea Sport ClubRead More
KYFKenya Yachting AssociationRead More
LLate EntrantRead More
LBLaid BuoyRead More
LBCHDLimited Back Handicap DiscardRead More
LBCHLLimited Back Handicap LowerRead More
LBCHULimited Back Handicap UpperRead More
LBSLithuanian Yachting UnionRead More
LCVLique Caledonienne de VoileRead More
LHHull LengthRead More
LHLine HonoursRead More
LHHull LengthRead More
LLYStaysail Luff LengthRead More
LMLaid markRead More
LMLeeward MarkRead More
LOALength OverallRead More
LOALength OverallRead More
LODLength of DeckRead More
LPHeadsail Luff PerpendicularRead More
LPYStaysail Luff PerpendicularRead More
LSWFLibyan Sailing FederationRead More
LTPLong Term PerformanceRead More
LWLLength at WaterlineRead More
LWLLength at WaterlineRead More
LZSYachting Union of LatviaRead More
M(n)Mark (Insert number here)Read More
M1Mark OneRead More
MDisqualifiedRead More
M2Mark TwoRead More
MBMaximum BeamRead More
MCCFMixed Class Correction FactorRead More
MEDMediated Protest ResultRead More
MHBMain Head BoardRead More
MHWMainsail Half WidthRead More
MLBMaximum Batten LengthRead More
MMSIMaritime Mobile Service IdentityRead More
MNAMember National AuthorityRead More
MOBMan Over BoardRead More
MOCRAMultihull Offshore Cruising and Racing AssociationRead More
MPZMoving Prohibited ZoneRead More
MQWMainsail Quarter WidthRead More
MRMeasured RatingRead More
MSAMaritime Safety ActRead More
MSAMacedonia Sailing AssociationRead More
MSAMadagascar Sailing AssociationRead More
MSAMalaysian Sailing AssociationRead More
MSFMalta Sailing FederationRead More
MSFMontenegro Sailing FederationRead More
MTWMainsail Three quarter WidthRead More
MUWMainsail Upper WidthRead More
MVSZHungarian Yachting AssociationRead More
MYAMauritius Yachting AssociationRead More
MYFMyanmar Yachting FederationRead More
NEvent Specific PenaltyRead More
NERNo Entry ReceivedRead More
NETNet Series ScoreRead More
NHCNational Handicap for CruisersRead More
NJNational JurorRead More
NM (nm)Nautical mileRead More
NOCNational Olympic CommitteeRead More
NODNo DeclarationRead More
NORNotice of RaceRead More
NPNon Point scoreRead More
NPNot ProtestRead More
NRDSFNigeria Rowing, Canoe and Sailing FederationRead More
NSNon SpinnakerRead More
NSANamibia Sailing AssociationRead More
NSCDid not sail courseRead More
NSFNordic Sailing FederationRead More
OOn Course SideRead More
OAOrganising AuthorityRead More
OCSOn Course SideRead More
ODOne DesignRead More
ODMOuter Distance MarkRead More
OeSVAustrian Sailing FederationRead More
OffSetOff Set TimeRead More
OLMOuter Limit MarkRead More
OMCOman Sailing CommitteeRead More
OMROffshore Multihull RatingRead More
ONBOfficial Notice BoardRead More
OODOfficer Of the DayRead More
ORAOfficer Of the DayRead More
ORC APOff Shore Racing Conference - All PurposeRead More
ORC DHOff Shore Racing Conference - Double HandedRead More
ORC WLOff Shore Racing Conference - Windward LeewardRead More
ORCOff Shore Racing ConferenceRead More
ORCcOff Shore Racing Conference - ClubRead More
ORCiOff Shore Racing Conference - InternationalRead More
ORR EZOff Shore Racing RuleRead More
ORROff Shore Racing RuleRead More
OSAFOceania Sailing FederationRead More
OSROffshore Special Regulation(s)Read More
OTBOff The BeachRead More
OTLOuside Time LimitRead More
OVOverallRead More
OWCOff Wind CourseRead More
PPortRead More
PProtest pendingRead More
PMainsail HoistRead More
PBHPerformance Based HandicapRead More
PBOPoor Bloody OwnerRead More
PCSPolar Curve ScoringRead More
PDPercentage DifferenceRead More
PFPerformance FactorRead More
PFDPersonal Flotation DeviceRead More
PHRFPerformance Handicap Racing FleetRead More
PHRF-xxPerformance Handicap Racing FleetRead More
PHSPerformance Handicap SystemRead More
PiCPerson in ChargeRead More
PLBPersonal Locator BeaconRead More
PMRPacific Multihull RatingRead More
PNPortsmouth NumberRead More
POBPeople On BoardRead More
PPProtest PanelRead More
PRDropeller DiameterRead More
PRNropeller BladesRead More
PROPrincipal Race OfficerRead More
PSAPhilippine Sailing AssociationRead More
PSAPanama Sailing AssociationRead More
PSRFPalestine Sailing & Rowing FederationRead More
PTLProtest Time LimitRead More
PURSailing Federation of Puerto RicoRead More
PYPortsmouth YardstickRead More
PyMizzen Mainsail HoistRead More
PYAPakistan Sailing FederationRead More
PZZPolish Yachting AssociationRead More
QDisqualifiedRead More
QCDQuadrilateral main Clew DiagonalRead More
QFLQuadrilateral main Foot LengthRead More
QHLQuadrilateral main Head LengthRead More
QLEQuadrilateral main Leech LengthRead More
QLMQuadrilateral main WidthRead More
QSRFQatar Sailing and Rowing FederationRead More
QZNSQuasi-Zenith Satellite SystemRead More
RRace NumberRead More
RRaceRead More
RRetiredRead More
RAFRetired After FinishingRead More
RBSFRoyal Belgium Yachting FederationRead More
RCRace CommitteeRead More
RCRudder ChordRead More
RDRace DirectorRead More
RDRudder DepthRead More
RDGRedress GivenRead More
RETRetiredRead More
RFEVRoyal Spanish Sailing FederationRead More
RIBRigid Inflatable BoatRead More
RJMSFThe Royal Jordanian Marine Sports FederationRead More
RLCRandom Leg CourseRead More
RnRace NumberRead More
RORace OfficerRead More
RORCRoyal Offshore Racing ClubRead More
RRRacing RuleRead More
RRSRacing Rules of SailingRead More
RYA YardstickRoyal Yachting Association YardstockRead More
RYARoyal Yachting AssociationRead More
SDid not startRead More
SScoreRead More
SStarboardRead More
SASail AreaRead More
SAASISailing Association of American SamoaRead More
SAFPStem to Aft Freeboard PointsRead More
SALSailing Association of The Principality of LiechtensteinRead More
SARSearch and RescueRead More
SARFUAE Sailing and Rowing FederationRead More
SASSouth African SailingRead More
SAZSailing Association of ZimbabweRead More
SBTStandard Boat TimeRead More
SCScoring penalty AppliedRead More
SCSail CanadaRead More
SCDSafety Compliance DeclarationRead More
SCHRSSmall Catamaran Handicap Rating SystemRead More
SCPScoring Penalty TakenRead More
SDMStem to Maximum DraftRead More
SERSafety Equipment RequirementsRead More
SERSingle Event RatingRead More
SersSeriesRead More
SFSpinnaker FootRead More
SFASailing Federation of AzerbaijanRead More
SFFPStem to Forward Freeboard PointsRead More
SFLSpinnaker Foot LengthRead More
SHWSpinnaker Half WidthRead More
SISailing InstructionsRead More
SILIcelandic Sailing AssociationRead More
SINSailing Australia NumberRead More
SIsSailing InstructionsRead More
SISASolomon Islands Sailing AssociationRead More
SKKazakhstan Sailing FederationRead More
SKEDScheduleRead More
SKNSASt Kitts and Nevis Sailing AssociationRead More
SLSpinnaker LuffRead More
SLESpinnaker Leech LengthRead More
SLSASaint Lucia Sailing AssociationRead More
SLUSpinnaker Luff LengthRead More
SMBStem to Maximum BeamRead More
SMLStone Motherless LastRead More
SMSShort Message SystemRead More
SMSSport Boat Measurement SystemRead More
SMWSpinnaker Maximum WidthRead More
SOStern OverhangRead More
SOGSpeed Over the GroundRead More
SOLASInternational Convention for the Safety of Life at SeaRead More
SORCSouthern Ocean Racing ConferenceRead More
SPScoring PenaltyRead More
SPStandard PenaltyRead More
SPASpinnaker AreaRead More
SPINSpinnakerRead More
SPLSpinnaker Pole LengthRead More
SPNGPapua New Guinea Yachting AssociationRead More
SPVFinnish Sailing FederationRead More
SRSpecial RegulationsRead More
SSASamoa Sailing AssociationRead More
SSFSingapore Sailing FederationRead More
SSFSwedish Sailing FederationRead More
SSFSaudi Sailing FederationRead More
SSFSudan Sailing FederationRead More
SSSSafety and Stability ScreeningRead More
STCWStandards of Training, Certification, and WatchkeepingRead More
STIXStability IndexRead More
STLSpinnaker Tack LengthRead More
STPStandard PenaltyRead More
SUI SailingSwiss SailingRead More
SVGSASt Vincent and The Grenadines Sailing AssociationRead More
SYASeychelles Yachting AssociationRead More
SZJSlovak Sailing FederationRead More
TTie brokenRead More
TTime Limit ExceededRead More
TDraughtRead More
TCCTime on Time HandicapRead More
TCFTime Correction FactorRead More
TDTime DifferenceRead More
TESTopYacht Entry SystemRead More
TES-BIDTopYacht Entry System - Boat IdRead More
THTwo HandedRead More
Tie(s)Scoring Tie(s)Read More
TLETime Limit ExceededRead More
TLPTime Limit PenaltyRead More
TLSTimor Leste Sailing FederationRead More
TODTime on DistanceRead More
TOTTime on Time HandicapRead More
TPRTP52 RatingRead More
TPSTack Point of SpinnakerRead More
TSTraffic SeparationRead More
TSFTonga Sailing FederationRead More
TSOTopside OverhangRead More
TSSTraffic Separation SchemeRead More
TTYATrinidad and Tobago Yachting AssociationRead More
TYFTurkish Sailing FederationRead More
UScoring penaltyRead More
UFDScoring penaltyRead More
UNCLUnion Nationale pour la Course au LargeRead More
US YardstickUnited States Sailing YardstockRead More
USAFUganda Sailing Federation LimitedRead More
USSUS SailingRead More
USSA PNUnited States Sailing Association Portsmith NumberRead More
USSERUS Safety Equipment RegulationsRead More
UTCUniversal Time CoordinatedRead More
VAverage Points GivenRead More
VCRSFVietnam Canoeing, Rowing and Sailing FederationRead More
VDDjiboutian Sailing and Water Sports FederationRead More
VFPSRussian Yachting FederationRead More
VFUSailing Federation of UkraineRead More
VHFVery High Frequency RadioRead More
VisVisitorRead More
VISAVirgin Islands Sailing AssociationRead More
VMCVelocity Made on CourseRead More
VNSAVanuatu National Sailing AssociationRead More
VPPVelocity Prediction ProgramRead More
VsVisitorRead More
VSAVanuatu National Sailing AssociationRead More
VTSVessel Traffic ServiceRead More
W/LWindward/LeewardRead More
WDuty CrewRead More
WBVWater Ballast VolumeRead More
WLWindward/LeewardRead More
WMWindward MarkRead More
WRSWeather Routing ScoringRead More
WSWorld SailingRead More
XRace Results ExcludedRead More
XWLWrong Finish LineRead More
YScoring Penalty TakenRead More
YStern HeightRead More
YAYachting Sailing (Prior Now Australian Sailing - YA)Read More
YAIYachting Association of IndiaRead More
YASLYachting Association of Sri LankaRead More
YBYB TrackerRead More
YCUYacht Club UruguayoRead More
YNZYachting New ZealandRead More
YOBYear Of BirthRead More
YRADPRYacht Racing Association of The Democratic People's Republic of KoreaRead More
YRATYacht Racing Association of Thailand Under Royal PatronageRead More
YTCYacht Time CorrectionRead More
ZScoring penaltyRead More
ZFPScoring penaltyRead More