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G-whizz is an Elan 340, a superseded model (2011) designed by Rob Humphries and built by Elan Yachts in Slovenia. She lives on a swing mooring in Sydney Harbour, she is raced regularly as well as the occasional cruise up and down the coast from Port Jackson.

Elan 340 hull number 25 came out of the factory in Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia in 2007, she was commissioned (and named G-whizz) by Navsail at Gibson Marina, Bayview, NSW Australia later that year.

G-whizz has an overall length of 9.99 meters (32’9”), it is understood that her pretty specific length just under 10 meters was to fit into a tax regime that existed in parts of Europe applying additional costs to boats of 10 or more meters. Because of her spirited performance she is inevitably one of  the smallest yachts in her racing division; competing against yachts some 6 feet longer. Pleasingly for her crew she is rarely humbled by the opposition.

She is currently being looked after by Ann and Graeme Davey. Her previous custodians were NavSail who were until 2013 the Elan distributors for Australia. Ann an Graeme thank Rod and Gael (Navsail) for allowing them custody of her.

G-whizz is raced regularly on Sydney Harbour, mostly with the Greenwich Flying Squadron (GFS), she is also cruised regularly, mostly day cruises on Sydney Harbour, but also cruises up and down the coast from Port Jackson (See our Sailing area). Because of her dual purpose she is normally kept in “Cruising trim” which means that she is ready to go at a moments notice, with only the need to put some food and drinks on board. This has the advantage in that she can be used as overnight accommodation on those occasions when people would prefer not to drive home after an enjoyable evening at GFS.

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