G-whizz was originally brought to Australia in 2007 as a demonstrator boat for Navsail, the then Elan Distributors in Australia. Navsail’s principals Rod Parry and Gael Moldán maintained ownership of her until moving from Sydney latish 2013.

Ann and I first saw G-whizz on the back of a low-loader in the car park of Abell Point Marina during the 2007 Airlie Beach Race Week, a regatta we were competing in as crew of our friend’s yacht “Sunrise“. Being impressed with the performance, comfort and quality of Sunrise, an Elan 37, we were particularly drawn to the size and appearance of G-whizz. I can recall telling just about anyone that would listen that that was the yacht that I would really like to have. little did I know that almost exactly seven years later, we would be looking after that exact yacht.

Jumping forward a few years I find myself racing on a new friend’s Cavalier 28 “CavSav” in Greenwich Flying Squadron events. I say new as I started racing on this boat while the owner was on a posting to London. After the owner, John Veale and his wife Leslie retuned to Australia they continued campaigning “CavSav”, I was honoured that John allowed me to continue skippering during Twilights.

Out of the blue I received a phone call from John saying that he and Leslie were looking to buy another yacht and would I mind accompanying them to look at an Elan 37 “Sirocco”. (Knowing that I had done some sailing on one). While the chronology is a bit hazy, John suggested joint ownership of the new purchase on a trip to Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club to look at the prospective purchase.

We looked at “Sirocco” and while she is a beautiful boat (ironically now owned by another member of Greenwich Flying Squadron) we decided against her as her single ended spinnaker pole demanded the use of dip pole gybing, a process that to be done safely and effectively requires more crew that we normally sailed with. Moored beside “Sirocco” at RPAYC was G-whizz, that I had in the back of my mind was for sale.

After contacting Rod Parry we determined that G-whizz was in fact for sale, and after a couple of viewings and a survey John, Leslie, Ann and I were the owners. Well not quite exactly like that. I recall ringing Ann and telling her that I, in conjunction with John had put an offer in a yacht. Ann’s response was expectantly along the lines of “…… what?”. Although she did take a deep breath and ask, “What have you bought?” My response of G-whizz drew the unexpected “Well tell John if he doesn’t want to go through with it we will buy her by ourselves”.

Jumping forward to March 2016 John and I decided that while joint ownership had many advantages, we were both ready to go our own way.  with some friends and family Ann and I were lucky enough to be able to continue to look after G-whizz, John and Leslie have found a very similar boat, in size specification and performance, a Dehler 32 “Hasta La Vista”. we will remain indebted to John and Leslie, without their initiation and drawing us into joint ownership, we would probably not have gotten so closely acquainted with G-whizz an were able to maintain our very close relationship with her.

Thank you Rod and Gael for bringing this boat to Australia and allowing us custodianship of her, and thank you John and Leslie for giving us the motivation.

G-whizz Elan 340