Fishing Line and Propellers don’t Mix

I have written before about fishing line and propellers don’t mix here, we now have had another lesson on that subject.

fishing line and propellers don't mix
Result of the prop attracting fishing Line

In Sydney it is legal for recreational fishermen to fish from public wharves provided that they adhere to some requirements, Social behaviour, keeping their environment clean and boats have right of way. The majority of fishermen keep respect their privilege.

The picture at left illustrate the results of a prop line mix on the sail drive of G-whizz.

There are times however when a combination of lack of awareness on behalf of the boat master and the fisherman that creates a situation proving that fishing line and propellers don’t mix. Our recent refresher lesson was quite a bit less expensive than the first and a lot easier rectified.

fishing line and propellers don't mix
Fishing on the Torqeedo prop shaft

Returning to the GFS pontoon from our mooring our torqeedo powered dinghy did not notice a fishing line deployed from the adjacent Bay Street public wharf. Modesty prohibits me from naming the driver of the dinghy at the time. The result is pictured to the right. Illustrating that fishing line and propellers don’t mix.

The first photo represents a substantial amount of money, the second not so, fortunately no damage to the shafts or seals in either case.