Coiling lines (Ropes)

One of the skills that really sets a competent crew member from a passenger is how they go about coiling lines. A properly coiled line is easy to deploy, easy to stow and allows uncoiling without tangles and kinks, it also looks good! A kink in a line in action can vary from being bit of a pain to being downright dangerous, anyone that has had a spinnaker halyard jam during a drop will know exactly what I mean. The method of coiling most commonly used will put twist into the line, there is some school of thought that continual twisting of twin core line could induce memory into the rope structure giving kinks forever. Just about every yacht I have been on uses a simple coiling method, but a better method is coiling in a figure eight, the following YouTube video is a good reference. (Just ignore the video game that is playing in the background towards the end, look through companion way, and the guy’s enormous hands that really does make it look really easy, especially the way he uses his little finger as a temporary hook when finishing off).  The ads at the beginning would suggest that this video gets a lot of views.