Sail – Be Safe

A visitor to this site made an excellent suggestion that it should include  links to informative sites that help both new and experienced sailors enjoy their pass time knowledgeably and safely. (Thanks Sarah).

I hope the links on this page continue to grow with visitor suggestions and my own research which may be a bit limited by other commitments. There is a caveat though; there is a lot of information out there, but it comes from all parts of the world and fortunately we are not all the same, speak the same language or view all situations from the same perspective. Cyclone, Hurricane, Typhoon: different names in different parts of the world, same phenomenon, and they rotate clockwise in the southern hemisphere but anti-clockwise in the north. There are a number of navigation systems around the world, most notably IALA A and IAlA B. Australia follows IALA  A, red lateral marks are left to port entering a port as apposed to the Americas (IALA B) where green lateral marks are left to port entering port. Please note a very simplistic description.

The previous paragraph is there to remind readers that these links may come from a different part of the world from where they reside, while the tenet of the information will be informative, the interpretation may be different.

A piece of advise I got years ago DON’T PANIC. Panic never helps to make a situational outcome  better, knowledge, experience, and calm common sense just might!

These sites are for information, I am not offering G-whizz’s endorsement.

The URL’s generally give an indication of the subject matter. Some exploration of the sites could reveal a lot more information. and yacht safety for all age levels safe outdoors in severe weather safety basics the rescue advice/safe boating/Pages/hub


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