2018 Winter Season

2018 Winter Season
EventStrsScrHdcpLink to
WHWS Series Div 3 Final Result1841BSC
2018/07/29WHWS Div 3 Race 71125BSCWind, Wary,Work, Whoops, Wet then Wow
2018/07/15WHWS Div 3 Race 6922BSCOops, Damn, then it got better
2018/07/01WHWS Div 3 Race 51552BSC
2018/06/17WHWS Div 3 Race 4851BSCRacing Under Sydney Harbour Bridge
Reefed for the gusty winds
2018/06/03WHWS Div 3 Race 31488BSC
2018/05/20WHWS Div 3 Race 21032BSC
2018/05/06WHWS Div 3 Race 1131010BSC

G-whizz Elan 340