2017 Winter Season

2017/07/30WHWS. Div 2. Race 7 PHS:1236
BSCWhat could have been
2017/07/16WHWS. Div 2. Race 6AbdnOnce again no wind!
2017/07/10Blues Point Yacht Club Autumn Race 884 ns4 nsBPYCPursuit Start
A race east of the bridge
2017/07/02WHWS. Div 2. Race 5AbdnFrustration on another beautiful day.
2017/06/04WHWS. Div 2. Race 3 PHS:145
6BSCAnother Great Winter's Day
2017/05/21WHWS. Div 2. Race 2AbdnBeautiful day but no wind!
2017/05/07WHWS. Div 2. Race 114RetRetBSC It's the simple things you forget

G-whizz Elan 340