2017 – 2018 Season

EventStrsScrHdcpLink to
2018/03/28GFS Twilight Autumn 91155GFS
2018/03/21GFS Twilight Autumn 81056GFS
2018/03/17GFS Sat Autumn 476 ns5 nsGFSMemo to self:
Read your memos!
Ring Diver!
2018/03/14GFS Twilight Autumn 71179GFSMemo to self:
Get bottom cleaned
2018/03/07GFS Twilight Autumn 61357GFSBetter than Expected
2018/02/28GFS Twilight Autumn 510DNF TLEDNF TLEGFSTwilight Racing Becomes Moonlight Racing
2018/02/24GFS Sat Autumn 277 ns5 nsGFSAn Unhappy Couple of Weeks
2018/02/21GFS Twilight Autumn 41043GFSAn Unhappy Couple of Weeks
2018/02/17GFS Sat Autumn 185 ns6 nsGFSAn Unhappy Couple of Weeks
2018/02/14GFS Twilight Autumn 31147GFSAn Unhappy Couple of Weeks
2018/02/10GFS Down Harbour 566 ns4 nsGFSBetter than the Scoreboard Indicates
2018/02/07GFS Twilight Autumn 21147GFSAn Interesting Sail Choice
2018/02/03GFS Sat Summer 773 ns2 nsGFS
2018/02/01GFS Twilight Autumn 1867GFSAn Interesting Night on the Water
2018/01/24GFS Twilight Summer Series: Handicap:156GFSNot a Bad Result and a Series Round up
2018/01/24GFS Twilight Summer 61148GFSNot a Bad Result and a Series Round up
2018/01/17GFS Twilight Summer 51077GFSHow much does a dirty bottom slow you down?
2018/01/10GFS Twilight Summer 49DNF5 RDGGFSTo the Rescue
2018/01/06GFS Sat Summer 464 ns1 nsGFSNice race, pity more didn't enjoy it
2018/01/03GFS Twilight Summer 3735GFSFortunately it was a balmy evening
2017/12/16GFS Sat Summer 365 ns5 nsGFSFinal Saturday Race of 2017 and a Sail Story
2017/12/09GFS Down Harbour 465 ns5 nsGFSUgh!
2017/12/05GFS Twilight Summer 11011GFSSuccessful Summer Season Start
2017/11/29GFS Twilight Spring Series: Handicap:143GFS Spring Season ends with more Symmetry
2017/11/29GFS Twilight Spring 9834GFS
2017/11/25GFS Sat Summer 166 ns6 nsGFSOh! The Embarrassment
2017/11/22GFS Twilight Spring 81133GFSSymmetry of Results Continue
2017/11/18GFS Sat Spring Series133GFS
2017/11/18GFS Sat Spring 864 ns5 nsGFSSatisfied with a Poor Result
2017/11/15GFS Twilight Spring 71089GFSWindy, Gusty. An evening for the bigger boats!
2017/11/11GFS Down Harbour 385 ns4 nsGFS
2017/11/08GFS Twilight Spring 61187GFSWhat a Weird Race
2017/11/04GFS Sat Spring 753 ns1 nsGFS
2017/11/01GFS Twilight Spring 5922GFSA Pair of Seconds for the Third Time
2017/10/29GFS Sat Spring 675 ns5 nsGFS
2017/10/25GFS Twilight Spring 41054GFSOCS in 2 knots & a tide taking us over is not conducive to a great result.
2017/10/21GFS Sat Spring 54RetRetGFSToo much wind, not enough crew, safer to be at the bar.
2017/10/18GFS Twilight Spring 3868GFSA tale of 2 races. Neither nice
2017/10/14GFS Down Harbour 254 ns5 nsGFSA tale of 2 races. Neither nice
2017/10/11GFS Twilight Spring 2922GFSTwilight racing is back
2017/10/07GFS Sat Spring 4654GFSIs this why I am reluctant to fly spinnakers on short runs while short handed?
2017/10/04GFS Twilight Spring 1722GFS
2017/09/23GFS Sat Spring 382 ns1 nsGFS
2017/09/09GFS Down Harbour 1624GFSRacing can be frustrating

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