Elan, d.o.o.

Elan is a diverse Company while they are famous for their snow skis, they have a number of other interests including boats. Have a look at their web site here ⟶

Up until recently you could read about what Elan had to say about the 340, unfortunately Elan unlike some other manufacturers of great yachts don’t seem to respect their incredible history of making brilliant yachts. They no longer have any reference to previous models on their web site. I don’t think they have anything to be ashamed of.

Elan yachts seem to be continually updating their web site, they have made finding historical date a little difficult, hopefully this will one day be corrected, have a look at their site anyway, it is an interesting Company.

Germanischer Lloyd Yacht Plus
G-whizz’s Germanischer Lloyd Yacht Plus Certificate ⟶
As sailing has become more and more competitive and prestigious, increasing emphasis as been placed on size, speed, manoeuvrability, overall performance and comfort of a yacht. However, beside expectation of a good value for their money, the owners are also concerned with safety issues of a yacht. This is where Germanischer Lloyd comes in and set an owner’s mind at rest.
Adequate structural safety of a yacht can only be confirmed impartially by a classification society as Germanischer Lloyd who is one of the world’s most thorough classification societies, having a long tradition (reaching back 140 years) in the examination, checking of design and construction of ships, yachts and boats.
The structural designs of ELAN yachts are examined and approved by Germanischer Lloyd. The production facilities of ELAN Marine fulfil highest demands of Germanischer Lloyd for production of GRP yachts.
Furthermore, sailing yacht ELAN 340 fulfils all essential safety requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive 94/25 EC and its amendments 2003/44 EC. A continuous compliance with respective design and safety standards has been supervised and certified by Germanischer Lloyd according to its newest and unique guarantee of quality and safety – “GL Yacht Plus”.

G-whizz Elan 340