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G-whizz as Art – Once again

Occasionally a casual snap shot on a mobile phone produces gold, well some thing that appears to be gold, let’s call them golden sails. In a recent twilight race at GFS one of the crew members on Tana looked back with their mobile phone in hand an snapped this photo:

Golden Sails in Sydney' sky line
Golden Sails

As stated earlier a snap shot can be gold, we have not been able to get a copy of this in a decent resolution (this one was picked up of Facebook) and given that it was shot from a moving boat and in low light a higher resolution may not be that much better quality.

What caught our, and other’s eyes is not only the setting sun giving G-whizz’s sails a look of gold but also the relationship of the boat’s sails beside the Crown Tower (is it still called that?) at Bangaroo, a structure that has been described as a sail-like design symbolising wind and sea, with West Point Tower between them. Elan 340 with golden sails and two of Sydney’s prominent land marks – art.

At some point we will, hopefully, be able to ascertain if there is a better quality file of this snap and be able to give credit to the photographer.

G-whizz as Art – Again

Some time ago Chris Low, one of our regular crew members took a photo of G-whizz on the Greenwich Flying Squadron pontoon. He then sent the photo to a friend of his in London, I think just to say look at what I’m doing while you’re over there enjoying a wonderful London Winter.

Carla, Chris’s friend, apparently has a habit of looking at a photo and then doing a painting from the image. have a look at what she did with that original photo of G-whizz, we think it to be pretty good.

A huge thankyou to both Chris and Carla.

G-whizz Elan 340
A painting of G-whizz on the GFS pontoon by Carla.

G-whizz as Art

I have always appreciated great photography, maybe it is because I’ve tried to create art through photography and failed miserably. This picture was taken by “Salty Dingo” at Sail Port Stephens 2017, it shows G-whizz under her symmetrical spinnaker, entering Port Stephens close to Yacaaba Head (the northern head). It is not so much a picture of G-whizz, but a piece of art that G-whizz happens to be in. Ann and I like it.

Elan 340 G-whizz
Entering Port Stephens close to Yakaaba Head (North head), Sail Port Stephens 2017. Picture Salty Dingo