G-whizz as Art – Once again

Occasionally a casual snap shot on a mobile phone produces gold, well some thing that appears to be gold, let’s call them golden sails. In a recent twilight race at GFS one of the crew members on Tana looked back with their mobile phone in hand an snapped this photo:

Golden Sails in Sydney' sky line
Golden Sails

As stated earlier a snap shot can be gold, we have not been able to get a copy of this in a decent resolution (this one was picked up of Facebook) and given that it was shot from a moving boat and in low light a higher resolution may not be that much better quality.

What caught our, and other’s eyes is not only the setting sun giving G-whizz’s sails a look of gold but also the relationship of the boat’s sails beside the Crown Tower (is it still called that?) at Bangaroo, a structure that has been described as a sail-like design symbolising wind and sea, with West Point Tower between them. Elan 340 with golden sails and two of Sydney’s prominent land marks – art.

At some point we will, hopefully, be able to ascertain if there is a better quality file of this snap and be able to give credit to the photographer.