When 2nd Last is a Good Result

When is 2nd last a good result? When you win a 2 boat race!

We have written before about the Blues Point Yacht Club, it’s a great little inclusive club that is based in the Blues Point Hotel, we have been doing a few of their races over the last couple of years, however this year we decided to do the entire series, made easier (for us) by being, with only a couple of exceptions, on Sundays. We hope that this works out for the club as today there were only 2 starters, Ourselves and a Seaway 25 Megisti. Although Chris the Club’s Commodore has been saying for the last week that he was expecting a very small entry.

These race are handicap starts, which without the stress of start line crowding make for a relaxed race. Ann steered today and must have wondered if we were ever going to finish after being completely stranded for about 15 minutes as we sat there watching and waiting for the south easterly coming out of Rose Bay to reach us. The wind did eventually fill in to a fairly constant 5 to 8 knots which was enough to get around a course starting at Clarke Island, down to Manly and back via a little loop around Shark Island.

We were able to make up the 30 minutes we gave Megisti on the work from Manly to Steele Point, and finish the race in first place, as usual it was great to catch up with our competitors back at the Blue Point Hotel where Hugh, Megisti’s skipper was mentally trying to rationalise if he was last or second.

Hope there are more starters next race, these are really enjoyable events.