Elan 340 | G-whizz West Harbour Winter Series a Start

The combined Clubs West Harbour Winter Series commenced on Sunday 5th of May with G-whizz sitting forlornly on her mooring. There were some conflicting events that meant we were unable to race. An upside was that I was able to fill in on the start boat for the first race, with 4 divisions to start and just the 2 of us on the boat life got a bit hectic for a while. This experience did bring home to me the great work the volunteers in our sport do (probably true in most sports come to think of it). These people give their time to enable the rest of us to  participate in our sport.

Race 2 was never going to be a great result, G-whizz’s bottom had not been cleaned since the end of the Twilight series and she looked like she was hosting a whole ecosystem underneath. Boat speed was way down and we were consistently 1 to 2 knots below our target speeds. While we did not bother the time keepers to much and watched some of our target boats (Those that we tend to measure ourselves against) disappear into the distance it was a very pleasant day on the water, and great to catch up with the crew whom we hadn’t seen for a little while, good news is that they enjoyed the day out and have committed to returning and are looking forward to getting the big coloured sails out in the coming races.