Twilight Racing Becomes Moonlight Racing

The last Twilight for February was a frustrating affair. The course set was in hindsight too long, but to give the course setters credit the fluky winds could not have been predicted. We were again only three but with a steady 10 to 12 knots predicted it was not going to be a problem.

The wind that were experienced were some of the strangest that I  have encountered in my limited sailing experience. wind shifts of over 90 degrees were the norm and coupled with a strong incoming tide made working along the Parramatta River between Cockatoo Island and Clarks Point a frustrating affair. At one point we witnessed two yachts ahead of us both

G-whizz Elan 340 Moonlight Sailing
Five minutes before race time limit and about one Thousand meters to go. Frustrating. Photo Jeff Lewis.

close hauled but the starboard tacker was on a collision course with the port side of the port tacker, two boats about thirty meters apart sailing in wind differing in an angle of way over 90 degrees. The majority of us needed over 10 tacks to travel the length of Cockatoo Island, about 500 meters. Two boats Izzi, now skippered by Ross’s son Andrew, and Worlds Apart added to the frustration by sailing through this area  with only a couple of tacks.

Izzi an Worlds Apart were the only two boats in Blue division to finish within the time limit.

The photo was taken by Jeff Lewis on Aurora with the side of G-whizz being illuminated by their starboard navigation light, as we drifted past using the moon as a pointer. the photo was taken at about 8:10pm just five minutes before the 8:15pm time limit, and with about 1000 meters to go to the finish.