Sail Port Stephens – Great Event

It has just occurred to me that while I have written a bit about G-whizz at Sail Port Stephens, I have not written about the event itself.

This was the second time we have taken G-whizz to Sail Port Stephens. On both occasions we have enjoyed the event immensely. In its 10 years this event is as well orgsnised as some of the more popular and better known events held annually in the Whitsundays.

I like to compare Sail Port Stephens with Airlie Beach Race Week, both events are organised by a competent and energetic organisation, supported by a group of enthuiastic and friendly volunteers. Both are held in waters associated with a town that is welcoming to visitors and has a large selection of accomodation, for people and boats. Both regattas, in the cruising classes, involve passage courses that are more enjoyable and relaxing for part time/social crews.

Best of all is that Port Stephens is anything from a long day sail, to a relaxing three day cruise from Sydney, with stops in the Pittwater and Newcastle. Crew that actually have paying jobs can easily participate, with a bit of annual leave and a two and a half hour drive from Sydney so it’s much easier to sail your own boat (ask anyone that has gone through the logistics of getting a yacht from Sydney to the Whitsundays and back). As far as I can figure the event’s structure is pretty unique in New South Wales. OK; this is all written from a Sydneyite’s perspective, but that is where we and a lot of other yachties live and play.

We’ll be booking early for next year, this event can only get more popular.
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