Beaten by Bradleys Head

Saturday’s down harbour race was held in very hot conditions, fortunately the predicted winds did not eventuate, once again I decided against using a spinnaker. After a reasonable start in the Lane Cove river we were able to stay ahead of, or catch and pass our target boats, to have a sudstantial lead over them at the Nielson Park mark.
After gybing around the mark I said to the crew that I did not want to get caught in the wind shadow just east of Bradleys Head, everyone listened….. Except me, we sat in that wind shadow for so long the crew could have considered getting a water taxi and have a look at Toronga Park Zoo, rejoining later that evening when G-whizz may have broken free. It is so frustrating to sit in zero wind and watch your competitors sail past at speed only about 50 meters away!
Sufface to say one of our worst result,
Thanks to Ann, Robert and Colin for not being too critical, I am unsure that I could have been as gracious if the roles were reversed.
Once again the bonhomme on the deck of knowledge after the race reminded us, once again, why we sail out of GFS.