The benefits of a clean bottom

We’ve been putting off having the bottom dived, pending G-whizz being slipped. Silly decision. Checking our maintenance records it was back in October when the boat was last dived.  That was rectified on Saturday about an hour before GFS’s Saturday point score race. (Thanks Hugh).

What a difference; after a few weeks of playing around at the back of the field we were able to win the event  (on Scratch) by over 6 minutes from the next competitor. For the first time in a number of races we were achieving target or better speeds. I am amazed at the performance detriment of a dirty bottom. GFS results here.

These Saturday races are a bit unique to us as it is about the only series where we are one of the larger boats in our division, we should be playing with the leaders. The usual gaggle of Young 88s and a few larger Hanses and Bavarias were missing, so we had the head of the pack to ourselves. That said it is satisfying to finish ahead of Brian Carrick’s extremely well sailed Bavaria First 31.7 “Peach Teats – Velocity” (It is his sponsor’s name!). Phil Hare’s 8.5 meter South Coast Magnum “Flair” had a great race finishing 3rd “Off the stick” and 1st on handicap.

Saturday was one of the busiest days I have experienced in our race area, Added to the normal numbers of Lasers, Cherubs, 12 footers, Hartley 16s etc. Were 17 Endeavour yachts competing in their State and National Titles. I normally take a fairly conservative approach with these smaller boats, they too are racing and deserve a fair go, but there was an instance where we were working through a “Chicane” of Cherubs, it was almost impossible to plot my course and for the trimmers to keep the power balanced all at the same time. Anyway I think we got through without causing too much havoc to those astonishly fast Cherubs.

Maybe karma had the last say when on a broad reach on the last leg to the finish, we had a Laser to leeward on the same course heading for his mark. we were unable to gybe onto our best course with him there, after going the wrong way for a number of minutes we had a brief crew consultation and determined that a “Granny” was probably the best way to extradite us from the predicament. No criticism of the Laser sailor, he was sailing in absolute accordance to the rules. I hope he went well.