Hopefully this page will grow from its current humble beginnings.

The largest files that I can upload to this site are 2mb. So the quality of any video that is stored on this site will be somewhat limited. As this page grows, I’m guessing that most of the links to videos will be to third party sites like YouTube.

Paul van Bellen is the son of popular Greenwich Flying Squadron members, Adrian and Maree. It would appear that he has a movie making talent. This brief video could almost be a tourism documentary of sailing on West Sydney Harbour in Greenwich Flying Squadron Twilights. G-whizz appears a few times in this video, but it is not about us it is about the beautiful location in which we do a lot of our racing. How privileged are we?

Dolphins on the way to Sail Port Stephens 2017, filmed by Chris Lowe with his mobile phone while sitting on the bow of G-whizz, the file is downloaded from a MMS and further compressed to fit the file constraints of this site. The quality is quite poor, but you will get the picture.
This file has now been uploaded to YouTube. Embedding a You Tube Video appears to be the easiest and best method displaying video on this site.

G-whizz Elan 340